We've Carefully Curated Our Manufacturers to Give you a Competitive Advantage!

The team at Valley Chain & Gear Inc. has developed extensive and long lasting relationships with best-in-class manufacturers.  They have been meticulously selected to ensure that their products meet and exceed the specifications of your application,  improve performance, improve efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce labor expenses, and provide a great value.

Our Manufacturers

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***We are adding new manufacturers and expanding our capabilities regularly.  Please check back frequently.  If you don't see what you need, please reach out to us.  We will do our best to source your parts and can even warehouse your inventory for a specific application.  Our team can release parts for delivery according to your schedule.

Advanced Controls Inc.

Company Profile: ACI has established itself as a major manufacturer of a full line of quality industrial control products, and we continue to develop our corporate philosophy and reinvent ourselves to maintain our high levels of professional service and technological leadership. We know that our customers are constantly searching for new ways to improve their profitability and elevate their competitive edge, so we take great care to insure that every ACI customer is treated with the honesty, integrity and personalized communication and solution-oriented service of an industry leader.

Industries Served: Manufacturing, Automation, Industrial Controls, HVAC. 

Products: Switches, Relays, Pump Panels, Fuse and Fuse Blocks, Timers, Terminal Blocks, Non-Metallic Enclosures, Power Supplies, Transformers, Cable Glands, DIN Rail, Wire Management, Pressure Switches, Remote Wireless Controllers. 

Product Highlight: SK Series Special Purpose Contactors - AC Coil.  This month we are featuring the SK Series of Contactors. A unique design that incorporates the best of both worlds...the high quality of an IEC contactor and the economy of a Definite Purpose (DP) rated contactor. The SK Series is perfect for HVAC and Food Service Equipment, where DP Contactors were traditionally used because of cost concerns, but reliability is essential. We will gladly assist you in the correct selection of the SK Series for your application.

Allied-Locke Industries

Company Profile: Allied Locke Industries was founded in 1965 by Robert L. Crowson, as Allied Chains. The initial  product manufactured was steel detachable chain for the agricultural market.  In 1978, Allied Chains purchased Locke Steel Chain Co., a manufacturer of agricultural chains since 1897. With this acquisition, Allied Chains broadened its offering and became one of the major producers of agricultural chains in the United States. At this time, the name of the company was changed to Allied-Locke Industries.

Industries Served: Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental, Conveyance, Wastewater. 

Products: Precision Roller Chains, Agricultural Chains, Engineering Class Chains & Buckets, Environmental Products, Wastewater Collection & Drive Chains, Sprockets.

Product Highlight: Allied-Locke’s ARMOR COAT CHAIN combines the strength of carbon steel with a corrosion resistant coating far exceeding the life of nickel or zinc plated chain.  All parts are treated twice prior to chain assembly, then treated again after assembly to insure complete coverage and maximum corrosion resistance.

AMI Bearings

Company Profile: AMI Bearings, Inc. is a World Class Manufacturer of Mounted Ball Bearings Serving the North American MarketFeaturing the broadest possible combination of over 50,000 unique mounted ball bearings to meet your application demands. Our products are manufactured to the most exacting standards to out perform in even the most critical applications.

Industries Served: HVAC, High Temperature Applications, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing, Wastewater Treatment, Packaging & Material Handling, Textile, Poultry, and many others. 

Products: Mounted Bearing Units, Mounted Bearing Inserts, Corrosion Protection Bearing Units, Corrosion Protection Bearing Inserts, Air Movement Units, Free Spinning Bearings, High Temperature Units, Shur-Seal Protections Systems.

Product Highlight: The Shur-Seal Bearing Protection System stands up to repeated high-pressure washdown and the steady stream of dry and fine particle contaminants that surround mounted bearings in many of today's plant environments.  The Shur-Seal system is comprised of any combination of Closed Covers, Open Covers, and Back Seals that integrate with our Thermoplastic Bearing Housings. 

Ammeraal Beltech

Company Profile: Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in process and conveyor belting. In all industries and logistics services, products are transported and often processed during transport. In fact, many of the products you see and use daily could well have been in contact with Ammeraal Beltech belts before they came to you.

Industries Served: Food, Airports, Logistics, Mail, Tobacco, Paper & Print, Textile, Rubber & Tire, Automotive, Wood, and many more. 

Products: Process & Conveyor Belts, Modular Belts, High Performance Flat Belts, Timing Belts, Engineered Belts, Endless Woven Belts, Soliflex Belts, Ultrasync Belts, Peak PTFE and Silicone Coated Belts, Fabrication. 

Product Highlight: Endless Woven Belts for Biscuit Bakeries.  AmDough Belts are manufactured to high quality standards. The bottom side is impregnated with wear resistant PU to maintain the belt shape and to prevent narrowing. Cord yarns are used to increase wear resistance, and polyamide to reinforce the selvedges. Strong flax yarns in the weft ensure lateral stability. As a result, their extended belt life and continuous absorption capacity make the Endless Woven AmDough Belts very cost-effective.

All-Flo Pump Co.

Company Profile: All-Flo is a leading manufacturer of rugged, lube-free, non-stall/freeze air diaphragm pumps. Serving a variety of industries, including oil & petroleum, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining and construction, All-Flo works with a global network of distributors to ensure local availability and service. All-Flo offers a versatile range of durable and reliable pump solutions that can be customized for any application. All of All-Flo’s products are made in America.

Industries Served: Ceramic, Chemical, Coatings, Energy, Machinery, Mining, Oil & Gas, Plating, Semiconductor, Water Treatment. 

Products: Pumps ranging in size from 1/4" to 3".  Various materials are available such as: polypropylene, PVDF, conductive nylon, A050 Special Aluminum, A050 Special Stainless Steel, and many more.  In addition we offer: Pulsation Dampeners, Air Flow Control Valves, Filters, Regulators, Gauges, Needle Valves, Solenoid Valves, Leak Management Systems, Filter Housing, Suction Strainers, Bases, Companion Flange Kits, Dispensing Units, Grounding Accessories, Handles, Mufflers, and Vibration Isolation.

Product Highlight: In your industry, you rely on equipment that works as reliably as it does efficiently. And when your equipment performs with the versatility and durability that your application demands, you can keep things running smoothly. All-Flo designs and manufactures rugged, lube-free, non-stall/freeze air diaphragm pumps to provide the best quality products available to the industry. Each performance engineered pump is built to the highest standards to provide trouble-free, continuous output — even under the toughest conditions. 

Apollo Valves (Conbraco Industries)

Company Profile: Conbraco Industries was created when two Detroit-based manufacturers of brass valves and fittings merged in 1928 forming Consolidated Brass Company. Over 80 years later, Conbraco is an American success story that's still being written.  The company now known as Apollo® Valves earned a reputation for developing new products to meet emerging market demands. In 1968, the company introduced its Apollo® Series 70 ball valve to the commercial market.  A revolutionary innovation at the time, the product became the most specified ball valve in the world. Line extensions have resulted in new materials, new sizes and new applications for the classic Apollo ball valve.

Industries Served: Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Safety, Marine, and many more.

Products: Actuators & Controls, APOLLOXPRESS, Automatic Control Valves, Backflow Preventers, Balancing Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Gates & Globes, Marine, Medical Gas Valves, Mixing Valves, Needle Valves, PEX / Wholesale, Pipeline Strainers, Plumbing & Heating, PUSH, Safety Relief Valves, Tectite, Water Pressure Reducing Valves. 

Product Highlight: The Apollo 77FLF-100 Series is a Lead Free*, full port forged brass ball valve suitable for a wide range of plumbing and heating applications, including potable water. These NPT threaded, 2-piece valves combine reliable operation with maximum economy. Valves include most pertinent agency approvals. Proudly Made in the USA.


Company Profile: Founded in 1900, Armstrong International is a private, fifth-generation family-owned company. Throughout The Great Depression, two world wars, multiple recessions, and so much more, we have continued to evolve, expand and thrive. Today, our global enterprise has more than 3,000 employees and representatives serving the world.  The Armstrong heritage of knowledge and expertise reaches back more than a century, giving us a keen ability to think and plan for the future. We have a uniquely clear, long-term perspective that enables us to serve our customers in ways no other company can. We are proud to put the Armstrong and Bloss family name and reputation on every solution, product and service we offer, and we stand firmly and confidently behind them all.

Industries Served: Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Refineries, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Power. 

Products: Steam & Condensate, Hot Water, Humidification, Refrigeration, Flow Measurement, Heat Transfer Products (Coils), Packaged Solutions, SAGE by Armstrong. 

Product Highlight: VERABAR® ADVANCED DP FLOW MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY.  Verabar® is an accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam, with the lowest operating and installation costs. Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar® averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. The solid, one-piece construction and bullet shape result in flow measurement that is clog-free and precise, while the unique sensor shape reduces drag and flow-induced vibration. The location of low pressure ports eliminates the potential for clogging and improves signal stability.


Company Profile: Baldor Electric Company, founded in 1920 in St. Louis, Missouri, has a long rich history dating back to 1878. Through the evolution of our products and our company, we’ve been focused on the customer for more than 136 years!

Industries Served: Aggregate & Cement, Air Handling, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Paper & Forest, Unit & Baggage Handling, Water & Wastewater.

Products: AC Motors, Large AC Motors, DC Motors, Servo Motors, Grinders, Buffers, Lathes, Gearmotors, Motor Services, AC Drives, DC Drives, Mounted Ball Bearings, Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings, Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings, Plain Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys, Dodge Belts, Roller Chain Sprockets, Dodge Sheaves, Synchronous Sprockets, Maska Belts, Clutches, Brakes, Couplings, Enclosed Gearings, 

Product Highlight: Baldor Super-E Motor.  The efficiency of any machine, including an electric motor, is determined by the amount of useful power it produces compared to the amount of electricity required to operate it. The graphic above illustrates how a Baldor Super-E® effectively turns $1,000 in electrical power into $930 worth of mechanical power. Since motor efficiencies are commonly expressed as a percentage, you can see that this Super-E efficiency rating equals 93 percent. Measuring specific efficiency ratings involves precise lab testing. To do this, Baldor uses IEEE Standard 112, Test Method B and CSA 390A. These are the most complete and accurate method to test motor efficiency, encompassing all energy losses that might occur. 


Company Profile: We Build Belts a Better Way!  At Bando USA, we believe that any product, even the “workhorse” V-belt, can be built a better way, utilizing the industry’s most advanced, efficient equipment and processes.  We’ve taken advantage of the latest technology to design state-of-the-art, highly automated, programmable manufacturing systems.  We employ technicians who are trained in all steps of the production process, and who operate under flexible work assignments for maximum productivity.

Industries Served: Industrial & Automotive.

Products: V-Belts, Syncho-Link Timing Belts, Synchro-Link Timing Belt Pulleys, Bushings, Belt Racks, Belt Sleeves, Automotive Belts. 

Product Highlight: King Power Synchronouse Belt (KPS II).  Utilizing high modulus aramid cords and the unique blue polyurethane body, the KPS II is the belt of choice for applications requiring exceptional power transmission capabilities, particularly on lower speed-high torque drives.  

Banner Electronics

Company Profile: Banner releases hundreds of innovative, new products every year and offers customized solutions to challenging applications — quickly and cost effectively.  Banner has more than 3,000 factory and field representatives around the world, as well as the largest force of application engineers in the industry. Millions of customers count on our highly skilled professionals to solve thousands of the most challenging applications every year.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Assembly & Manufacturing, Automotive, Car Wash, Food & Beverage, Material Handling, Packaging, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Port Machinery, Semiconductor, Electronics, Traffic & Parking. 

Products: Photoelectric Sensors, Laser Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Clear Object Detection Sensors, Bar Code Readers, Measuring Array Sensors, Slot Sensors, Analog Output, and many more sensors.  Safety Light Curtains, Safety Laser Scanners, Safety Interlock Switches, Two-Hand Controls, Safety Controllers & Modules, Emergency Stop & Stop Control, Machine Safety.  Vision Sensors & Vision Lighting.  Lighting & Indicators.  Wireless Sensor Networks. 

Product Highlight: Vibration & Temperature Sensor, Model QM42VT1.  The Banner wireless vibration and temperature sensor measures RMS velocity, in inches per second or millimeters per second, and temperature. Mount it as close as possible to the bearings, using the standard bracket or the magnetic bracket, to monitor the machine’s health by detecting increases in vibration and temperature.  The sensor is designed to work with 1-wire serial radio devices, such as the Wireless Q45VT Node, the P6 Performance Node, and the MultiHop M-H6 radio. Easily set vibration thresholds based on the ISO 10816 standard. When a threshold has been exceeded, the wireless Node can provide local indication, send the signal to a central location, and send the vibration and temperature data to the Gateway for collection and trending.

Bearings Limited

Company Profile: Since 1947, Bearings Limited has been dedicated to providing bearing and power transmission distributors with high quality products, competitive pricing and a level of service unmatched in the industry.Over the past 60 years, we have evolved from a small business selling government surplus to one of the industry's leading wholesale distributors and manufacturers of quality bearings and power transmission products. Today, our extensive inventory consists of over 30,000 different bearing, chain, sprocket and bushing sizes and configurations. Products are conveniently stocked in eight strategic locations throughout the US, satisfying the just-in-time needs of distributors throughout North America.

Industries Served: Manufacturing, Engineering, Automation, Industrial, Machinery, Agriculture, and many others. 

Products: Ball Bearings, Deep Groove Bearings & Angular Contact Bearings, High Precision Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Miniature Bearings, Agricultural Bearings, Linear Motion, Mounted Ball Bearings, Inserts, Wash Down, Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, Chain, Sprockets, Sheaves, Pulleys, Bushings, Mast Guide Bearings, Needle Thrust Bearings, Rubber Mounted AC Cartridge Units, Rubber Cushioned AC Pressed Steel Pillow Blocks,  Stainless Steel Inserts.  

Product Highlight: Silverthin Thin Section Bearings.  Thin section bearings help reduce total cost in a system by allowing for design efficiency over standard bearing sizes.  Used in applications in which the space and weight requirements of a system are major factors in the overall design and manufacturing cost.  

Beltservice Corporation

Company Profile: Beltservice is the world's leading fabricator of custom conveyor belting, and we have the most complete inventory in North America. With over 300 different specifications throughout our ten strategically located facilities, we can service whatever belting needs you may have.  Beltservice sells its products through a global network of industrial distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Our field salespeople work hand-in-hand with these distributors and OEM's to provide the end user with the best belt for their specific application. We do not sell directly to end users/consumers.

Industries Served: Cement, Construction, Recycling, Agriculture, Mining, Material Handling, Foundry, Airport, Printing, Box Manufacturing, Wood Finishing. 

Products: Fabflex Belts, Heavy Duty Belting, Single Ply Straight Warp, Cut / Slit Pieces, Solid Woven PVC Belting, Elevator Belting, Incline Belting, Fabflex Custom, Blast Belts, Lacing & Splicing, Cleating, Chevron Cleating, Laminating, Flanges & V Guides, Perforating, Urethane & Silicone Covers, Filter Belts, Magnetic Separator Belts and many more. 

Product Highlight: Ureclad Urethane Solutions.  Truly the leader of innovation, Beltservice is proud of its many engineered Ureclad urethane products.  Our experience has enabled us to produce urethane solutions for numerous tough abrasive applications.  Standard Ureclad material is formulated to produce a high grade thermoset product.  The castability of our thermoset results in a highly abrasion resistant, yet millable, finished urethane.  


Company Profile: We have enjoyed great success in Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America since 1994, and in Asia since 1983. We now have USA operations offering BESTORQ® belts. Manufacturing V-belts is the main business and manufactured product of the company. The company was founded in 1983 and has enjoyed a very successful growth since that time. Currently factory capacity is over 800,000 belts/day.

Industries Served: Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing and many more. 

Products: V-Belts, Banded V-Belts, Double Sided V-Belts, Timing Belts, Wrapped Construction Single Belts, Molded Cogged Single Belts, Thunder V-Belts, 

Product Highlight: Bestlink Linked V-Belts. Use Bestlink belts as a temporary replacement or permanent substitute for conventional rubber v-belts. Simply “Twist and Lock” belt tabs into place, no need for special tools. 

Boston Gear

Company Profile: For over a century, the most important breakthroughs in power transmission have been lead by Boston Gear,Warner Electric, and Formsprag Clutch. Today, these three companies, and several others, are working together to lead the next century of innovations in power transmission technology.This is what Altra Industrial Motion is all about.

Industries Served: Food Processing, Material Handling, Packaging Machinery, Iron & Steel, Mining, Turf & Garden, Vehicular, Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper Mills, Aerospace & Defense. 

Products: Enclosed Gear Drives, High Precision Planetary Gearheads, Open Gearing, Variable Speed Drives, Clutches, Bearings, Fluid Power, Shaft Accessories, Huco Precision Couplings.

Product Highlight: Series 2000R Right Angle Helical Bevel Gear Drives and Gear Motors.  This well recognized Altra Industrial Motion brand has utilized its gearing expertise to offer the innovative Series 2000 product line. Boston Gear products have a reputation for superior engineering, quality manufacturing and reliable performance. 

Brecoflex Co. LLC

Company Profile: The world leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry sets higher standards with new state of the art products. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts, pulleys, accessories, and flat belts are scientifically designed and manufactured for undeviating precision and quality. It is our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and technical support to meet their highest expectations.

Industries Served: Linear Drives, Conveying, Power Transmission. 

Products: Timing Belts, Pulleys, Accessories, Profiled Belts, Backings, Esband Flat Belts.

Brewton Iron Works Inc.

Company Profile: With fewer major chain manufacturers left in the United States, Brewton Iron Works is the one source they can come to for sprockets manufactured out of BrutAlloy chilled iron exclusive only to Brewton Iron Works, gray and ductile iron, UHMW plastic, 1045 flame cut steel sprockets as well as stainless components. We also have CNC machine cut sprockets. No other mechanical power transmission component manufacturer can give these options at one location. We have an extensive pattern inventory from decades of production that allows us to manufacture most types of sprockets needed by the market today.

Industries Served: Waste Water Treatment, Power Transmission, Industrial, Environmental.

Products: Sprockets, Pillow Blocks.

Product Highlight: Pillow Blocks.  All Brewton Pillow Blocks have machined bases and bearing ends. They are tapped for grease fittings and provided with grease grooves to lubricate the full bearing surface. All housings are ATSM A48 Class 35 Grey Iron. Split blocks are furnished with shims for adjustment and the bearing edges, at the split, are beveled so that the lubricant is not scraped off the shaft. Brewton Pillow Blocks can be supplied with a variety of liners which include Babbitt, Bronze, Phenolic and UHMW.