We Offer a Complete Line of Power Transmission Products Under One Roof Including A Wide Variety of Belts and Sheaves. 

A small sampling of our products are below.

Baldor-Maska Mechanical Drive Components:  Bushings, Sheaves, Synchronous Sprockets, and Belts.
Essential elements of this power transmission cycle are DODGE mechanical drive components: V-belt drives, synchronous drives and roller chain drives. These rugged products not only connect one driven shaft to another, but they isolate shock load and vibration, accepts minor misalignments and synchronize movement between shafts.

optibelt: Bushings, Timing Pulleys, V-Belt Sheaves, Banded V-Belts, Single V-Belts,  and many other products. 
OPTIBELT leads the industry in  power transmission product performance because of our manufacturing expertise and investments in engineering and technology. This results some of the following advancements:

Set Constant (S=C Plus) length tolerances that are closer than industry standard matched-set tolerances, regardless of the date manufactured.

OMEGA timing belts feature a tooth profile the fits HTD and RPP pulleys, while reducing noise levels with its innovative tooth profile and bonded fabric cover.

Maintenance-free RED POWER 3 v-belts are the only belts in the industry to achieve this level of performance and durability. RED POWER 3 can transfer up to a 50% more power than standard v-belts of the same size.

HVAC POWER combines OPTIBELT's advanced fabric wraps and cogged v-belt flexible cord layer. This created a fractional horsepower v-belt that can withstand extreme temperatures, dramatically reduce maintenance intervals and has a flex range comparable to cogged belts.

BLUE POWER v-belts lead the industry in horsepower rating and durability by combining the power or aramid cord, advanced transverse fiber core, and bonded fabric cover.

Beltservice Corporation: Belting Products, and Custom Fabrication.
Beltservice is the world's leading fabricator of custom conveyor belting, and we have the most complete inventory in North America. With over 300 different specifications throughout our ten strategically located facilities, we can service whatever belting needs you may have.

Beltservice sells its products through a global network of industrial distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Our field salespeople work hand-in-hand with these distributors and OEM's to provide the end user with the best belt for their specific application. We do not sell directly to end users/consumers.

Our service is unmatched in the conveyor belting industry. Flat belt orders (cut lengths) are usually shipped within 24 hours from when the order is received. Fabricated item shipments are dependent on the type of fabrication desired. Call us today for our current delivery schedules.

Gates-Mectrol:  Linear Belts, Wide Belts, Self-Tracking Belts, Food Grade Belts, Flat Belts, Truly Endless Belts, Backings, and Custom Fabrication.
Gates Mectrol is a global manufacturer of belting and other automation components to the material handling industry. Our products are typically used in synchronous and positive drive conveying, linear positioning and power transmission applications within the general industrial and food processing markets. Equipment designers and system integrators have come to rely on Gates Mectrol’s application expertise and ability to solve the most challenging design issues. Our highly skilled applications engineers and online suite of design tools can help solve your most demanding development concerns. Get the Gates Mectrol engineering team working for you.