We've Carefully Curated Our Manufacturers to Give you a Competitive Advantage!

The team at Valley Chain & Gear Inc. has developed extensive and long lasting relationships with best-in-class manufacturers.  They have been meticulously selected to ensure that their products meet and exceed the specifications of your application,  improve performance, improve efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce labor expenses, and provide a great value.

Our Manufacturers

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***We are adding new manufacturers and expanding our capabilities regularly.  Please check back frequently.  If you don't see what you need, please reach out to us.  We will do our best to source your parts and can even warehouse your inventory for a specific application.  Our team can release parts for delivery according to your schedule.

Carlisle Transportation Products

Company Profile: The Carlstar Group LLC (formerly CTP Transportation Products) is a leading producer of specialty tires and wheels for agriculture, construction, industrial, outdoor power equipment, powersports, towables and trailers. The Carlstar Group offers a comprehensive line of performance products for original equipment and aftermarket customers with a strong family of brands including Carlisle® tires and wheels, ITP® tires and wheels, Marathon tires, as well as Cragar®, Black Rock® and Unique® automotive wheels. Products are made in ISO-registered manufacturing facilities, supported by innovative product development and a team focused on customer satisfaction. The Carlstar Group employs over 4,300 associates in 22 facilities located in five countries. Since 1917, a culture of converting great ideas into advanced products has created a legacy of excellence in product innovation, quality and customer service. 

Industries Served: Oil & Gas, Aggregate, Agriculture, Powersports, HVAC. 

Products: Heavy Duty Industrial V-Belts, Synchronous Belts, Light Duty FHP V-Belts, Banded Belts, V-Ribbed Belts, Specialty Belts, Snowmobile, ATV & UTV Belts - Powersports, Pulleys, Sprockets & Bushings, Tools, Drive Engineer Software. 

Product Highlight: Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts.  The industry’s best belt just got better! Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts are now made of EPDM. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties. EPDM is durable, heat resistant, static conductive and resistant to hardening and glazing. EPDM Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts are specially designed for increased performance with a much broader operating temperature range (-50F to +250F). Gold Ribbon is smoother running so vibration is reduced for extended component life. The new cog profile reduces bending stress for improved flexibility and increased performance on small diameter pulleys.

Carter Bearings

Company Profile: Carter Manufacturing specializes in prototyping and manufacturing high precision bearings for both standard and specialized applications in industries such as chemical, food processing and industrial. We maintain a large inventory of all of our standard bearings which means we can meet your needs promptly. For special applications, we can modify one of our standard bearings or provide a custom product to meet your needs exactly.

Industries Served: Chemical, Food Processing, Industrial.

Products: Cam Followers, Cam Yoke Rollers, Hi-Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearings, Neverlube Self-Lubricating Bearings, Polycoated Bearings, Chrome Cam Followers, Heavy Duty Caged Needle Rollers, Special Bearings. 

Product Highlight: Hi-Roller Idler Rollers. Hi-Roller bearings are designed for applications where both radial and thrust loading are present. They are available with either deep groove ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, and are capable of running at much higher speeds than needle bearing cam followers. These bearings are also available in yoke type configuration.  All Hi-Roller bearings are tightly sealed with an expansion plug on one end and radial contact lip seals on the bearings. This makes them ideal for use in environments where dust or high moisture is present.

Century Electric Motors

Company Profile: Regal Beloit America, Inc. is a leading supplier of electric motors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With operations in the United States, Mexico, China, and Europe, Regal Beloit America, Inc. has the ability to serve its customers’ electric motor needs on a global basis. We offer a comprehensive line of hermetic motors (used in air conditioning compressors), fractional horsepower A/C and D/C motors, and integral horsepower motors. We sell our products directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and replacement motors to HVAC and pool/pump distributors.

Industries Served: HVAC, Agriculture, Pump Systems, Refrigeration, Pool & Spa.

Products: Compressor Duty Motors, Farm-Rated Poultry Duty Motors,  Close Coupled Pump Motors, Distribution C/I Motors, General Purpose Motors, HVAC Motors, Distribution Pool & Spa Motors, Fractional Horsepower Motors, Sub-fractional Horsepower Motors, Blowers, Integral Horsepower AC Motors, DC Motors.

Product Highlight: Centurion PRO Premium Pool & Spa Motors.  The initial offering of Centurion PRO motors includes six single-speed ratings available in square flange and C-face configurations ranging from 0.95 – 2.20 total horsepower (THP).  The culmination of several years of research and collaboration with pool service professionals nationwide, the Centurion PRO line of replacement pump motors incorporates a new “hybrid” 56-frame lead end compartment specifically designed with installers in mind.

Craft Bearing Company, Inc.

Company Profile: Craft Bearing Company, Inc., located in Newport News, Virginia, was founded with one goal in mind - to become the leading world supplier of split cylindrical roller bearings. Obviously, the first thing we had to do towards that end was build a split bearing that's superior to anything else out there. After years of intensive research and development and continual testing, our engineers have done just that.  Today, we are recognized throughout the world as the leader in Split Bearing Technology.

Industries Served: Mining & Aggregate, Food Processing, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Iron & Steel, Cement Production, Marine, Lumber, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Sugar, Flour Mills, Automotive. 

Products: Split Bearing, Pillow Block, Held Bearing.

CRC Industries

Company Profile: CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers, serving the automotive, heavy trucking, marine, electrical, industrial, hardware and aviation markets.

Industries Served: Automotive, Heavy Duty, Marine, Hardware, Industrial, Electrical, Aviation.

Products: Additives, Adhesives & Sealants, Brake Maintenance, Cleaners & Degreasers, Electronic Maintenance, Functional Fluids, Gear Oil, Grease, Heavy Truck, Leak Stoppers, Lubricants & Penetrants, Protectants, Coatings, Retail Merchandise, Specialty Oils, Seasonal Products, Tools & Equipment.  

Product Highlight: QC-82 Pro-Strength Degreaser. Foaming water-based formula aggressive enough to break down and dissolve grease, grime, oil, rubber marks and other oil-based contaminants while remaining gentle enough for painted and plastic surfaces.

Climax Metal Products Company

Company Profile: Since 1946, Climax Quality Shaft Collars and Rigid Couplings have been used in a variety of applications in all major industries. Manufacturing an extensive line of shaft collars and rigid couplings and selling through a distributor network has allowed us to become a world leader in ISO 9001:2008 quality products.

Industries Served: Paper, Food & Beverage, Power, Manufacturing, Wood, Aggregate, Wind, Packaging.

Products: Shaft Collars, Rigid Couplings, Keyless Locking Devices, Clesco Mounted Bearings, Clesco Abrasive Hardware, Mandrels, Arbors, Dowel & Tenon, Sanding Drums, Sanding Sleeves.

Cone Drive

Company Profile: Cone Drive is the world leader in double-enveloping worm gear technology, which delivers drive solutions with the highest torque and shock load capacity in the smallest amount of space. With locations in Traverse City and Ludington, Michigan, Cone Drive has experience providing gearing solutions for companies all over the globe that serve leading industries, including Solar, Packaging & Processing, Defense, Plastics, Medical, Mining, Oil & Gasand Metals Processing.

Industries Served: Aerial LIfts, Defense, Food Packaging & Processing, Machine Tools & Automation, Metals & Steel, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, Plastics & Rubber, Pulp & Paper, Robotics, Satellite Communication, Solar Energy.

Products: HP & HP-A Gearboxes, Series B Gearboxes, Stainless Steel Gearboxes, Helical Worm Gearboxes, Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets, DuoDrive Gearboxes, Extruder Drive Gearboxes, Large Double-Enveloping Gear Sets, Slewing Drives, Slewing Bearings, Series W Gearheads, Model RG Gearheads, Series S Gearheads, Servo Gearheads, Zero Backlash Worm Gear Sets, Series LE Gearheads, Series P Gearheads. 

Product Highlight: Stainless Steel Gearboxes. Improved Uptime.  Non-fretting motor bushing for easy motor removal, double worm bearing support.  Eliminates leaks by relying on worm alignment from the motor.  Double enveloping worm gearing: multiple teeth in contact promotes longer life. 


Daido Corporation of America

Company Profile: So much more than a warehouse, Daido Corporation’s headquarters, located in Portland, TN, is a complete roller chain drive solution center. Staffed with skilled people, and experienced in serving the power transmission market of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Daido offers only the highest quality roller chain assemblies and the best customer service in the industry.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Engineering, Power Transmission, Conveyance.

Products: ANSI Standard Drive Chain, New Tech Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Guides & Tensioners, Agriculture Chain.

DeZURIK Valves (APCO & Hilton)

Company Profile: DeZURIK is the innovative global leader in valve technologies for water and wastewater treatment as well as industrial applications including pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, power, mining and other process industries. Recognized worldwide for high quality and superior performance, DeZURIK products increase accuracy, durability, reliability and customer profitability.

Industries Served: Sewage Treatment, Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Petrochemical, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Power, Hydro & Dams, General Industry. 

Products: Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Control Valves, Gate Valves, Air Valves, Surge Relief Valves, Check Valves, Ball & Cone Valves, Actuators, Accessories, Hydraulic Power Units, Other Products & Specialty Valves. 

Product Highlight: Hydrastorm Hydraulic Power Unit. DeZURIK’s new HydraStorm Hydraulic Power Unit is designed to provide hydraulic power for applications that could encounter electric power failures, extreme environmental conditions, industrial or plant operations, or where speeds and controlled valve actuation is critical. The HydraStorm generates a tremendous amount of power to drive most valves fitted with hydraulic cylinder actuators. The unit features rugged construction and diverse capabilities to meet the requirements of tough indoor/outdoor applications in numerous industries including mining, power, hydropower, water, wastewater, and others. 

Diamond Chain Company

Company Profile: Diamond Chain Company has a long history and heritage of producing the highest quality roller chain in the world. By providing the best roller chain possible, Diamond Chain Company provides its customers with unparalleled expertise in drive systems and design, industry-leading wear and fatigue performance, and superior return-on-investment by reducing its customers' total cost-of-ownership through reliability, long service life, and consistent performance of Diamond® products.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Power Transmission, High Heat Applications, Engineering, Industrial, Power Sports, Oil & Gas.

Products: Standard Roller Chain, Agriculture Roller Chain, Oval Contour Roller Chain, Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain, Extended Pitch Roller Chain, Coupling Chain, Lift Chain, Hollow Pin, Maintenance Free Roller Chain, Micro-Pitch Series Roller Chain, Oven Pin Roller Chain, Power Sports, Oil & Gas CTI Series Roller Chain.

Product Highlight: Diamond Oven Pin Roller Chain.  Diamond Chain Oven Pin Chains are built with Diamond standard series 60 pitch ASME/ANSI chain and are available with bendable, breakaway, or stainless steel carrier pins. Diamond oven pin chains are designed with carrier pins that are the actual chain pins, not an attachment, to improve the strength and integrity of the chain, and increase the overall life span of the chain. 

Dichtomatik Americas

Company Profile: With a mission of providing the highest quality product, technical support, delivery, and service at competitive prices, Dichtomatik Americas has become a proven leader in the industry. We offer inventory management and optimization options, controlled sourcing, state of the art logistics and custom packaging. In addition, our Minnesota-based performance engineering team can assist with materials consulting, PPAP capabilities, warranty support and test lab trials for true application testing and quality assurance, backed by a state of the art laboratory located at Freudenberg headquarters.

Industries Served: Construction, Power Transmission, Water, Agriculture, Light Commercial Earth Moving, Off Road & Power Sports. 

Products: Radial Shaft Seals, O-Rings, Spliced Rings & Extruded Cord, Fluid Power Seals, Fitting & Fastener Seals. 

Product Highlight: NuPacs. The NuPac is a precision molded seal that combines a u-cup with an o-ring. Under zero and low pressures, the o-ring pressurizes the lips of the u-cup to allow it to seal. As system pressure increases, the o-ring is energized and forces the lips outward, changing its behavior from a squeeze type seal to a traditional lip seal. The NuPac is suitable for temperatures between -40 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 C) and Pressures from zero to 6000 PSI.

Dimplex Chillers

Company Profile: Dimplex Thermal Solutions was formed in 2006 by combining two premier chiller manufacturers with more than a century of experience: Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Engineering. Utilizing the experienced engineering traditions of Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Chillers, Dimplex Thermal Solutions continues to provide both custom and standard chilling solutions. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Dimplex Thermal Solutions provides solutions for chilling applications in the industrial/manufacturing, medical, food processing and many more markets.

Industries Served: Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical, Food Processing, Machine Tooling, MRI, Laser, Welding, Plastics.

Products: Process cooling solutions.

Dixon Valve & Coupling

Company Profile: In order to further the design and manufacture of couplings for the country's thriving growth in mining, oil drilling, construction and railroads, H.W. Goodall started the Dixon Valve & Coupling Company on March 21st, 1916. Dixon™ was originally located at 11th and Race Streets in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Goodall Rubber Company continued to grow. Much of its success can be attributed to Howard Goodall's willingness to travel to every major construction site he could locate, identify their hose and coupling requirements and then provide the necessary products. This gave H.W. Goodall considerable knowledge of coupling requirements on construction sites - information he later used to develop additional products for the Dixon line. The first photo below shows Mr. Goodall inspecting couplings at Hoover Dam in 1932.

Industries Served: Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Transportation, Steel Processing, Mining, Construction, Fire Protection, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Forestry, Food & Beverage.  

Products: Air Fittings, FRL's, Gauges, Boss™ Fittings, Boss™ LPS, Brass Fittings, Cam & Groove, Clamps, Dry Disconnect Fittings, Fire Equipment, Garden Hose & Washdown, Holedall™ Fittings, Hose Protection, Hydraulic Fittings, King Crimp™, Maintenance & Repair, New Products, PTFE Hose & Fittings, Pipe & Welding, Plastic Fittings, Sanitary, Shank & Water Fittings, Swivels & Rack Equipment, Tank Truck, Valves.

Durst Power Transmission

Company Profile: DURST has one of the most comprehensive mechanical power transmission product offerings for off-highway, agriculture and material handling equipment in North America. Industrial products used in a variety of unique applications, such as transfer cases for telescopic all-terrain forklift vehicles and cement mixers.  Off-highway products used in hydraulic pump drives for cranes, pavers, and trenchers.  Transmissions used in agricultural harvesters, wheel drives in irrigators, and gear drives in forestry equipment. Turning gears and ring gears used in power generation and turbine applications.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Material Handling, Industrial, Construction, Forestry, Power Generation. 

Products: Pump Drives, Lectric Drive, Transfer Cases, Direct Drive, Wheel & Center Pivot Drives, Custom Gearboxes, Mechanical Transmission, Velvet Drive Transmission, Worm Gear Drives, Parallel Shaft Gear Drives, Bevel Gear Drives, Custom Gearing, Turning Gears. 

Product Highlight: Lectric Drive. The Durst Lectric Drive is an economical, space-saving alternative for mounting pump drives directly to electric motors. The Lectric Drive is a game changer that makes the conventional C-Face Motor Adaptor and external coupling approach obsolete.