We offer a wide range of motors and gearboxes for a diverse set of applications, all backed by expert support and service.

A small sampling of our products are below. 

Sterling Electric Inc: Motors, Gears, and Reducers
Sterling Electric, Inc was established in 1927 in Los Angeles, California. Our headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sterling Electric, Inc. was formerly known as Sterling Electric Motors and Sterling Power Systems, Inc.

Sterling Electric, Inc.'s primary business is the production of AC Induction Motors, Worm Gear (Right Angle) and Helical (Inline) Reducers and Gearmotors.

Sterling Electric leads the way in the production of a complete line of Stainless Steel Motors ranging from ¼ to 20 Horsepower. Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers ranging from Sub-fractional input ratings to 5 Horsepower, in both Single and Double Reductions 5:1 through 3600:1 Ratios. Stainless Steel Helical Reducers ranging from ¼ to 10 Horsepower Input, and our newest product design of Helical Worm Reducers that directly interchange with many European design products.

Our mission, to our customers, is to provide quality industrial motors and related equipment with reliable delivery and unrivaled service.

Baldor Electric: Motors, Gearing, Clutches, and Brakes
Baldor's extensive line of General Purpose three phase motors are available in totally enclosed cast iron and industrial steel band for harsh applications. Designed for "general purpose" use means that these motors can be used in many applications. The Super E Motors (EM & CEM) provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed as standard to be inverter ready with wide variable torque speed ranges.

Baldor In-Line Helical Reducers have higher torque ratings in a compact design. Available in case sizes 38-88. Utilize NEMA C-Face clamp collar mounting construction ranging from 56C thru 250TC. Stock rating hoursepower range of 1/4 HP thru 24 HP. Max torque of 347 thru 14,870 in-lbs. Output speed range of 33 thru 180 RPM.

The Dodge Fractional Horsepower offerings include three shaft mounted clutches, and three flange mounted brakes.  The SL and BSL shaft mounted series clutches are used to couple two parallel shafts, while the SO series clutch is used to couple two in-line shafts.  Engineered for easy installation, all Dodge Fractional Horsepower clutches are zinc plated for corrosion resistance and incorporate a zero backlash armature hub assembly.  The FB series is a power-on flange mounted brake, while the FSB and FSBR series are power-off flange mounted brakes.

Nord Gear: Gear Drives, Motors, and Drive Electronics
NORD designs and manufactures drive systems engineered for adaptability. NORD's innovative drive solutions are specified and utilized for a range of applications in nearly every industry throughout the world.  NORD Drivesystems' product portfolio is extensive and continuously evolving in order to meet the needs of today's fast-changing markets. NORD's range of drive equipment includes: helical in-line, helical shaft-mount, helical-bevel, helical-worm and worm gear units with torques from 90lb-in to 2,200,000 lb-in.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies:  Gearboxes, Reducers, AC Drives, and Motors
Right Angle Spiral Bevel Speed Reducers with Cyclo® or Planetary Reducer Inputs.  The Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 5 Series (Cyclo® BBB5) is a highly efficient, state of the art, compact series of speed reducers and gearmotors.  Optimized for shaft mounted applications and easy maintenance, the Cyclo® BBB5’s exterior dimensions have been minimized without compromising the ability to transmit torque.  The all-steel internal construction, Cyclo® or planetary gear input, and space-saving housing design, make this product unmatched in reliability, efficiency and durability. 

Cone Drive: Gearboxes, Slewing Solutions, and Harmonics
Cone Drive serves an entire spectrum of mechanical drive applications from packaging, material handling, mining and metals to automotive, aerospace and medical equipment. Cone Drive is here to make a positive difference to the supply of drive solutions. Our worm gear reducers and Accudrive servo gears benefit from our vast array of engineering experience.

Model HP gearboxes, with true double-enveloping worm gearing, are designed for applications that require extreme accuracy, torque density, high reliability in a compact package.

Model HP-A gearboxes feature the high performance and dependability of true double-enveloping worm gearing in a metric universal design.