We've Carefully Curated Our Manufacturers to Give you a Competitive Advantage!

The team at Valley Chain & Gear Inc. has developed extensive and long lasting relationships with best-in-class manufacturers.  They have been meticulously selected to ensure that their products meet and exceed the specifications of your application,  improve performance, improve efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce labor expenses, and provide a great value.

Our Manufacturers

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***We are adding new manufacturers and expanding our capabilities regularly.  Please check back frequently.  If you don't see what you need, please reach out to us.  We will do our best to source your parts and can even warehouse your inventory for a specific application.  Our team can release parts for delivery according to your schedule.

Silverthin Bearing Group

Company Profile: SilverThin Bearing Group manufactures large diameter thin section ball bearings for the aerospace, industrial, robotics, and distributor markets. Silverthin bearings are manufactured in the United States in standard configurations, sealed and unsealed, up to 37 inches in diameter. Standard bearings are stocked or in production to meet customer short lead time requirements. Special bearings are engineered and manufactured up to 37 inches in diameter, some from special materials, to serve the needs of our diverse customer base.

Industries Served: Aerospace, Industrial, Robotics, and Distributor Markets. 

Products: Thin Section Bearings, Slewing Rings. 

SKF Seals

Company Profile: SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907. Our fundamental strength is the ability to continuously develop new technologies – then use them to create products that offer competitive advantages to our customers. We achieve this by combining hands-on experience in over 40 industries with our knowledge across the SKF technology platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Our success is based on this knowledge, our people, and our commitment to SKF Care principles. 

Industries Served: Automation, Cars & Light Trucks, Compressors, Electric Motors, Home Appliances, Industrial Fans, Industrial Pumps, Machine Tools, Material Handling, Ocean Energy, Portable Power Tools, Racings, Railways, Skates, Wind Energy and many more. 

Products: Bearings, Units & Housing, Seals, Lubrication Solutions, Linear Motion, Actuation Systems, Magnetic Bearings, Permanent Magnet Electric Motors, By-Wire, Condition Monitoring, Power Transmission Products, Test & Measuring Equipment and many more. 

Product Highlight: The SKF TKSA 11 heralds a new generation of shaft alignment tools. Using mobile devices, the instrument intuitively guides the user through the whole alignment process. With a focus on the core alignment tasks, the TKSA 11 is designed to be a very easy-to-use instrument that results in accurate alignment and is especially suitable for entry level shaft alignment.


Company Profile: With offices in Asia, Europe, the United States and South America, we not only think globally but we act globally.  As a global leader, we have literally experienced almost every type of application in our field and we continue to solve new problems for a variety of customers. From aerospace, to medical devices, the auto industry and more, we have the expertise you are looking for in a manufacturing partner.

Industries Served: Aerospace, Medical Devices, Automotive, and many more. 

Products: Spirolox Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings, WaveRings, Hoopster Rings, Laminar Seal Rings, Custom Retaining Rings, Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs, Wave Springs  with Shim Ends, Single Turn Wave Springs, Wavo Springs, Nested Wave Springs, Marcel Expanders, Circular-Grain Shim, Interlaced Wave Springs, Linear Springs. 

SMITH Bearing

Company Profile: Smith Bearing® is a registered trademark of Accurate Bushing Company. With over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing precision needle roller bearings, we can handle your requirements for standard aerospace and industrial bearings, as well as custom manufactured special bearings, assemblies, and bushings.

Industries Served: High-Thrust Load Applications, Aerospace, Military, Drilling, and many more. 

Products: Stud Type Industrial Cam Followers, Yoke Type Industrial Cam Followers, Metric Stud Type Industrial Cam Followers, SMITH-TRAX Bearings, Ancillary Bearings, Drill Jig Bushings, Aerospace Bearings, SMITH Rail.  

Product Highlight: Our SMITH XTREME™ Series are designed with a Double Row of Heavy Duty Rollers, thicker Outter Rings, and special Full-Contact Seals.  These Heavy Duty Bearings are assembled with Rubber Side Shields for Inch Series and Metallic Side Shields for Metric Series helping to retain grease and keep out containments.  Ideal for extremely high load applications. Top industries being Oil and Gas Industry and Automotive/Material Handling Systems.


Company Profile: DURABILITY and VERSATILITY, two words you don’t often see together when describing chain tensioners for the Power Transmission Industry however, Snapidle has changed the minds of Distributors around the world because it is just that, DURABLE and VERSATILE.

Industries Served: Power Transmission, Food & Beverage, Moisture-rich Environments. 

Products: Chain Tensioners, Belt Tensioners, Plastic Bearings, Chain Rail & Wear Strips. 

Product Highlight: The Original and Award winning Free Floating Chain Tensioner just got even better and in the process more versatile. Snapidle chain tensioners are now 100% Stainless Steel & UHMW (plastic) making them suitable for all applications especially food handling equipment, moisture environments, waste water treatment facilities and the lists just keeps growing. 

Sterling Electric, Inc.

Company Profile: Sterling Electric, Inc was established in 1927 in Los Angeles, California. Our headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sterling Electric, Inc. was formerly known as Sterling Electric Motors and Sterling Power Systems, Inc.  Sterling Electric, Inc.'s primary business is the production of AC Induction Motors, Worm Gear (Right Angle) and Helical (Inline) Reducers and Gearmotors.  Sterling Electric leads the way in the production of a complete line of Stainless Steel Motors ranging from ¼ to 20 Horsepower. Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers ranging from Sub-fractional input ratings to 5 Horsepower, in both Single and Double Reductions 5:1 through 3600:1 Ratios. Stainless Steel Helical Reducers ranging from ¼ to 10 Horsepower Input, and our newest product design of Helical Worm Reducers that directly interchange with many European design products.  Our mission, to our customers, is to provide quality industrial motors and related equipment with reliable delivery and unrivaled service.

Industries Served: Engineering, Motion Control, Power Transmission, and many more. 

Products: Worm Gear Reducers, Shaft Mount Reducers, Helical Reducers, Slow-Speed Gear Motors, Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, Single Phase Motors, 3-Phase AC Induction Motors. 

Product Highlight: Sterling Electric is proud to introduce our Unique SSR2000 Series ALL Stainless Steel Inline Helical Reducers and Gearmotors.  Our new product features a corrosion resistant solution to the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries with electro-polished surfaces provided as standard, to decrease the growth of bacteria.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Company Profile: Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. The unmatched strength of our companies in terms of product breadth, application experience and global presence clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premier power transmission and control solution provider.

Industries Served: Airport, Automotive, Cement, Chemical, Crane & Hoist, Elevator, Escalator & Moving Walkways, Food & Beverage, Forestry, Mining, Packaging, Paper Manufacturing, Parcel Handling, and many more. 

Products: AC Drives, Concentric, Large Industrial Gearboxes, Offset Parallel, Precision, Right Angle, AC Inverter, Beier, Cyclo, Hansen Industrial Gearboxes, Hedcon, Helical Shaft Mount, Hyponic, Motion Control Drives, Paramax, Seisa Gear. 

Product Highlight: As governing sanitation bodies such as USDA, FDA, NSF, and 3-A recommend higher levels of bacteria control in food and beverage handling environments, there is an industry-wide increase in the chemical concentration, water temperature, and frequency with which facilities are cleaning their respective equipment.  Given this greater focus, it is critical that all equipment utilized within a food handling facility be capable of withstanding long-term exposure without external degradation or compromise in performance.  Recognizing this, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation  of America is excited to introduce the SHIELD360 ̊TM family of protection packages. From general-purpose solutions to those geared to harsh, high-pressure wash- down environments, Sumitomo has a response that will meet your most stringent demands. 

TB Wood's Incorporated

Company Profile:  In April 2007, Wood’s was purchased by Altra Holdings, Inc.  This beneficial acquisition placed TB Wood’s as part of a larger company with complementary products to help grow the business. While in the past 150 years, Wood’s was a privately held company, we are now on an ever changing frontier with endless possibilities.  The Wood's name is virtually synonymous with power transmission products. As the number one producer of each of its mechanical products, we are continuously building on our significant market position for an even stronger future.  In December 2007, TB Wood's signed a definitive agreement to sell its electronic business to Vacon, a global supplier of adjustable speed drives.  This enables Altra to continue its strategic focus on its core electro-mechanical power transmission business.  We take our reputation for product leadership seriously, continually delivering new products and better solutions for users around the world. We're proud to have a brand name that is recognized for exceptional product quality and global end user service.

Industries Served: Power Transmission, Industrial, and many more. 

Products: Couplings, Sheaves & V-Belts, Synchronous Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Clutches & Brakes, Commercial Castings, Hydrostatic Speed Variator (HSV), Bushings, SureGrip Pulleys. 

Product Highlight: Our new Sure-Flex Plus EPDM and Neoprene sleeves are best-in-class for coupling performance and value. Their 4-way flexing action absorbs virtually all types of shock, misalignment, and end float. With Sure-Flex couplings, the need for lubrication and maintenance is eliminated. As a result, these couplings provide clean, dependable, and quiet performance for a variety of applications.


Company Profile: From humble beginnings in Halver, Germany to a global company with 25 worldwide locations, TURCK has become a pioneer in industrial automation technology. Our mission, as a leading value-added supplier of products to the factory and process automation markets, is to provide customers with a comprehensive line of quality and advanced technology products in a fast, flexible and accurate manner.  For 40 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to develop, design and manufacture exceptionally versatile products, while providing unsurpassed service and support to our customers. Our extensive line of products includes thousands of sensor, interface, cordset and connector combinations that meet clients’ needs.

Industries Served: Motion Control, Engineering, Robotics, Factory Automation, Conveyance and many more. 

Products: Connectivity, Encoders, Interfaces, Intrinsic Safety, Junction Boxes, Networks / Fieldbus, LDT's (Linear Displacement Transducers), Process Connectivity, Relays, RFID, Sensors.  

Product Highlight: TURCK's overmolded Mil-Spec connectors provide a full range easy and quick connection for instrumentation and power applications. Overmolded Mil-Spec connectors diminish the risk of mis-wiring; allowing you to decrease downtime, use less manual labor on repairs, and save money. TURCK's overmold design provides the flexibility to seal the connectors to a wide variety of different cable types. Working seamlessly with other TURCK products, TURCK's Mil-Spec connectors offer a full solution for whatever challenges your application might demand.